Why should you use an order and inventory management system for e-commerce websites?


Order and inventory management is an integral part of any successful e-commerce business. An efficient order and inventory management system can help you save time, money and improve customer satisfaction.

In the beginning and sometimes not only in the beginning, e-commerce sellers tend to manage their orders and their inventory manually. An e-commerce seller who does not have large sales volumes, usually will not invest in an inventory and order management system for budget reasons. These sellers many times manage the orders through excel files. 

There are many disadvantages to this way of working, and they are:

  • Waste of time and slowness of work
  • Inaccurate inventory management that often results in products that were ordered, but are not actually available
  • Since everything is managed manually, mistakes can also happen in the production of the waybills/labels of the orders.
  • Working with several systems (website, Excel, the shipping company’s system for producing labels) which causes awkwardness
  • In the end, when you translate the shortcomings into money, we see that there is a considerable financial expenditure and times there is also a lot of customer dissatisfaction.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should use Crazy Vendor’s order and inventory management system for e-commerce sites:

  • Crazy Vendor is a system that knows how to manage your orders from several e-commerce sites at the same time in one place. The system knows how to interface directly with a number of main e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magneto, Wix, WooCommerce, Walmart, associate with the shipping company, and produce labels for the shipping companies. 
  • In addition, the system manages inventory. Suppliers can interface with the system and issue orders directly from it.
  • Another advantage that sets Crazy Vendor’s system apart is attractive international shipping price lists. Many sellers at the beginning of their journey do not have the possibility to get good prices from the shipping companies, because they do not have a big volume of orders. As a result, on the one hand, they want to increase their sales volume, but the high shipping prices do not allow them. Crazy Vendor helps e-commerce sellers grow by getting them the same shipping rates as those who sell in big circles.
  • Efficiency: the system can automate many tasks related to orders and inventory, such as order processing, shipment tracking, stock update and more. This can save you a lot of time and optimize your business processes, as a result the financial savings are great.
  • Accuracy: An order management system can help you ensure that your orders are processed accurately and that your customers get the right products on time. This can reduce the number of errors and returns, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Insights: The system can provide you with important data about your orders and inventory. This data can help you make better business decisions, such as which products to sell, when to order more inventory and how to improve customer service, issuing monthly reports is very important for business planning.
  • Expansion: The system can help you expand your business easily. When your business grows, you can adjust itself to your needs and help you manage your orders and inventory efficiently.
  • Customer satisfaction: The system can help you improve customer satisfaction in several ways. For example, it can help you track shipments and update customers on their order status. It can also help you treat returns and exchanges quickly and efficiently.

In conclusion: An order and inventory management system is an essential tool for any successful eCommerce business. Such a system can help you save time, money, improve customer satisfaction and help you grow and expand which is one of the challenges of every business. if you are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your business, the Crazy Vendor system is a great place to start.

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