Crazy Vendor successfully completes Amazon Developer Audit and Security Assessment

Crazy Vendor successfully completes Amazon Developer Audit and Security Assessment


We are proud to update that our Security and developer team have successfully completed the individual Security Assessment by Amazon!

The assessment comes as a part of the Amazon SP-API Developer Assessment Program. Companies applying for the highest level of Data Roles and data security are individually tested and approved to become Amazon’s Data Subprocessor – the software partner to whom Amazon distributes the data.

As part of the program assessment, Crazy Vendor’s application in the Amazon Selling Partner Appstore was granted Restricted roles – the highest allowed permissions level for third-party applications. This level of security is granted to only 1% of public Amazon apps.

The assessment, executed by the Amazon and Deloitte security teams, ensures that Crazy Vendor is compliant with the most stringent data storage, data processing, and data security requirements. Various aspects, including software and hardware tests, the physical environment, and Information Security processes, were meticulously inspected.

The Restricted Roles grant Crazy Vendor access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII), which is necessary for the full-cycle operation of Crazy Vendor’s fulfillment module.

The approval has elevated Crazy Vendor’s clients’ data handling to the highest level of security. During the process, we updated existing and established new work processes. We are thankful to the Deloitte and Amazon teams for their insights.

Most importantly, we are excited to see our work with clients’ data become more secure and stable.

Contact us for more information and enjoy selling on Amazon!